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       Yan Cheng Zhen De Pipefittings Co., Ltd.It is located in the private entrepreneurship park of Jianhu County, Jiangsu Province. It is located on the Xinchang Railway and the provincial highway Yanhuai Expressway. It is adjacent to the 204 National Highway in the east and the Ninglian and Beijing-Shanghai Highway in the west. The traffic is very convenient. Jianhu County has a long history. It is a famous acrobatic town in Jiangsu Province and the hometown of Huai Opera. It is rich in natural resources and beautiful in scenery.
       The company mainly produces pipeline fittings such as Forged Fittings, high pressure pipe fittings, Threaded Pipe, hydraulic pipe fittings and flanges. The production standards include national standard, American standard, Japanese standard, German standard and non-standard pipe fittings. They are widely used in oil and gas field surface engineering, petrochemical, electric power, steel, medicine, textile printing and dyeing, coal, papermaking and municipal engineering. In the country, some products are exported to Ghana, Brazil, Turkmenistan, Myanmar, East Timor and other countries, and have been well received by users for many years.
       Since its establishment, the company has experienced a glorious history. Carry forward the enterprise spirit of "unity, hard work, pragmatism and enterprising"; adhere to the principle of new technology, high quality, contract and trustworthiness; customer first, customer satisfaction as our goal. The product quality is high, the after-sales service reputation is good, and it is highly praised by users.
       The pioneering company is developing a first-class corporate brand with modern design and manufacturing centers, advanced processing technology, strict quality management, perfect testing methods and excellent after-sales service. Zhende people strive for survival by quality, development by innovation, and goal of customer demand, and wholeheartedly provide more, better and newer services to customers.
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