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Application of Cross Tapered Roller Bearings in Vertical CNC Machine Tools
Laser processing technology has become a key technology for industrial production automation, and it has the advantage that ordinary processing technology can't match. For example, laser processing is non-contact processing, fast, noise-free, high-precision machining for complex shapes, and there is no ¡°tool¡± wear in the usual sense, and there is no need to replace the ¡°tool head¡±.

Laser processing requires an excellent imaging system to aid in machining, measurement, and inspection. The focusing system is used as a key device for photoelectric imaging systems and machine vision systems, monitoring production processes, inspection conditions, geological remote sensing, and military remote sensing. The aspects are widely used. No matter which imaging system, it will encounter the problem of focusing. If the subjective judgment of the operator is only used to complete the focusing of the imaging system, it is easy to bring certain human error and the degree of automation is low.

    The so-called auto focus refers to the use of the principle of object light reflection, the reflected light is accepted by the structural sensor, through the computer processing, driving the electric focus device to focus is called auto focus. With the rapid development of laser processing, the autofocus platform has received widespread attention, and some scholars have begun to study the large-stroke autofocus platform.

    The patent invented by Guangdong University of Technology is based on a multi-platform ultra-precision autofocus system. The laser autofocus system is combined with the sensor. There is a large stroke precision adjustment mechanism in the Z direction. The adjustment range is 100¦Ìm. Repeat positioning accuracy. It is 6nm, which is an autofocus device designed based on electronic, mechanical devices and image processing. It can achieve fast focusing, but the program is cumbersome. The microscope platform modified by Liguang Instrument Factory can realize the three-dimensional driving of the stage by the control system. However, the platform can not achieve precise positioning, the repeatability is poor, the actual operation is inconvenient, and the automatic search and focus functions are not provided. Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics used the stepper motor to control the stage in the NHIS metallographic image automatic analysis system, and proposed and implemented the gray histogram gradient autofocus algorithm. The line width measuring instrument developed by Tsinghua University and other units has adopted the eccentric beam method in the design of the microscopic system, with a focusing range of 10 ¦Ìm and a focusing accuracy of 1.9 nm.
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